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Ocieanna Fleiss

Author, Speaker

Official Website of

Ocieanna Fleiss

Author, Writing Coach, Speaker


to Ocieanna as she tells her story of life, death, and God's love!


Need a speaker for your group event? Ocieanna engages with depth and humor.

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Ocieanna Fleiss

A Cardiac Arrest Brought My Heart to Life

As a wife and work-at-home mom, perfectionism, busy-ness, and striving to please weighed me down. I cried out to God for rest. He answered that prayer when, while watching TV with my husband, my heart stopped. I died, but by God's grace, I came back. Since then I've learned incredible lessons centering around God's amazing love—love like there's no tomorrow. Join me. Receive God's love and truly live!

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"We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.
(2 Chron. 20:12b ESV)