Hope for a Yucky Week


Hi friends, I’ve had a yucky week. Some financial struggles (that’s putting it mildly) got me down. Icky stuff in the body of Christ (it happens) also dampened my heart, and to be honest, I slipped back into a sticky, murky, self-defeating bog. I’ve been there before. Have you?

It has a lot to do with shame (I’m learning). I blame myself for, well, everything. I think God doesn’t want me to be happy because I’ve let him down somehow. I know this is BUNK! But I used to live there most of the time, so I sometimes slide back into that miry bog.

I cry out with the Psalmist: How long, O LORD? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? (Psalm 13:1 ESV)

It’s hard to sludge my way out of this swamp of despair, and I admit, I’m not completely out, all cleaned up, and ready for cuteness. I’m feeling good at this moment, but the situations haven’t changed—and neither has the fact that I’m a weak sinful human who tries, but doesn’t always trust Christ the way I should.

Yet, I’ve been immersing myself in the Scriptures and good biblical teaching, so I AM doing better. Thing is, I haven’t “decided to” restart my morning devotions or “made a positive choice” to commit to fifteen minutes each day. In fact, I often don’t want to open my Bible and hear the words of my Father.

Yet, in the midst of me being a bratty child, the Lord calls me to partake of His life-giving Word. It reminds me of when Aslan summons Jill in The Silver Chair, “Come and drink. There is no other stream.”

And like Jill, I’m afraid to come, because the Lion’s not safe. I may learn something about myself I don’t want to see. But I can’t resist, of course. There truly is no other stream.

Lots of verses have encouraged me this week. I put some in catechism form. It’s kind of silly, but is helpful to me. Maybe it’ll help you too. (Obviously, you should replace my name with yours!)

(PS If someone wants to create a document or Meme out of this, with the name part blank, that would be really cool.)

  • What is Ocieanna? Ocieanna is a beautiful bride. Song of Solomon 4:9
  • What is Ocieanna? Ocieanna is a new creation. 2 Cor. 5:17
  • What is Ocieanna? Ocieanna is strong. Is. 40:29
  • What is Ocieanna? Ocieanna is the Lord’s treasured possession. Deut. 7:6
  • What is Ocieanna? Ocieanna is protected. Ps. 46:1
  • What is Ocieanna? Ocieanna is fearfully and wonderfully made. Ps. 139:14
  • What is Ocieanna? Ocieanna is a child of the King. 1 John 3:1
  • What is Ocieanna? Ocieanna is forgiven. Ps. 103:12
  • What is Ocieanna? Ocieanna is known. Ps. 139:1-6

Isn’t the Lord so faithful to speak to us through his Word?

What Scriptures encourage you to climb out of the swamp? I’d love to hear.

God bless and keep loving your kids like there’s no tomorrow.




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