I Want to Be a Great Mom

Have you heard of the book, Good to Great? An author studied a bunch of companies. He decided which were merely good and which flew beyond good to great.

Years ago when I first heard about the book, I decided the concept could also apply to mommyhood. I wanted to be more than a good mom. I wanted to be a great mom. But what did a “great mom” look like, act like? I shoved aside my self-doubt (doesn’t look like me, that’s for sure!), and decided the kind of “great” I longed to exude didn’t have to do with all the stuff I did, but how I loved.

Here’s an affirmation I wrote back then:

I will be a great mom today. I will love and cherish each child for who they are. I will discipline with love and consistency. I will laugh, pray, read, and listen to my children. I will give them no less than myself, my best each day. And I will understand that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself, in fact, taking care of myself does make me a better mom

I will not let my fears of inadequacy stunt me. I will not let my feelings of failure prevail, but I’ll trust God and His care for my children. I will immerse myself in the Bible and teach the kids God’s Word. I will give hugs, time, and love to each one. I will look in their eyes when they talk and listen. I’ll smile. 

I know this is incomplete, but it’s a start. It helps me reset my focus on my sweet kids instead of the busy work of the day.

And of course, I bathe it with prayer, cuz’, honey, I can’t do it on my own.

What would you add to this? I’d love to hear!

God bless and keep loving your kids like there’s no tomorrow.



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