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Mom and Dad, I got in a fight with the others (siblings). I am soooo sorry and not just to you guys. I should not be forgiven, but I was. Ben, Gabrielle, and Abigail are a lot like God, they forgive me when I had no reason to be forgiven. You are great mom and dad. Love, Christian

My boy struggles with his temper. We see this cycle: sweet boy, grumpy boy, angry boy. I often grapple with how to equip him for this war for peace. I see his battle wounds–disappointment in himself, the pain of failing again, the consequences of bruised relationships, lack of serenity, joy.

Oh, man, sin is a fierce adversary.


I’ve learned kids with Type 1 Diabetes not only battle to maintain balance in their glucose levels, but their moods bounce right along with the ups and downs of blood sugar. I know this may be a contributing factor to his angry outbursts, but it doesn’t excuse the behavior, it only builds up the enemy’s forces, making victory even more unattainable.

Sometimes I scurry around, searching for weapons–healthy eating, new ways to care for his diabetes, behavioral techniques–to overcome his anger issues. And that’s good. I must continue my quest to uncover more weapons for his arsenal. But finding this little note reminded me that the battle begins not with human wisdom, but with the gospel of grace. 

Remember this verse “God’s kindness is meant to lead us to repentance”? Romans 2:4. More than anything else, God’s love drives us to obey. As a parent I must remember this!

Sunrise Cross

Do I trust God’s love to draw my boy to the cross? Do I trust the work of Christ to bring life to my son? If I do, I will stay the course. Nourish his soul for battle with the strengthening power of the gospel. I will tell him of Christ’s redeeming work over and over again.

“When you blow it, sweet one, run to Jesus. Confess, ask forgiveness. He’s your champion, and he won by paying a high price for your sin–his own life. Because of his victory, he will never stop forgiving you.”

As he continues to embrace God’s unconditional love and grace, his heart will be transformed and the anger outburst will become less frequent. Loosing sin’s hold–replacing it with loving obedience–is what the Holy Spirit does in those who trust Christ. But this is not a quick strike with immediate victory. No, the fight will continue …

In the meantime, I rejoice that he wrote this note. That his heart seems truly repentant, and that he appreciates his amazing siblings for their undeserved forgiveness.

And I thank God for a mighty Savior who conquered sin and for the promise that one day we will sin no more.

Remember, he loves you like there’s no tomorrow.



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