He Prays for Me

Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us. (Romans 8:34 ESV)

It just keeps getting better. Lord, thank you.

For dying

For being raised

For sitting at the right hand of God

For interceding…for me.

How precious is that gift. I’m so blessed when Your people pray for me. It warms my heart and gives me strength. But it’s mind-blowing that You–even You, King Jesus—-pray for me. It’s almost too much to handle.

So does that mean when I cried out to you this morning because I was feeling weak by my lack of trust—-“Lord, show me the way, give me strength”—-you were already praying for me?

When doubts seeped into my heart about my unworthiness to be a writer and I prayed for you to help me keep my eyes on Jesus—-your prayers already lifted like incense in the temple, a pleasing offering to the Father?

When I stressed about finances, that constant worry, and once again begged You to provide, and then asked You to make my heart content with just You—-even in that moment, You were already seeking the Father for me?

When I sought help in that conversation with my daughter, when my heart ached for a hurting girl on Facebook, when I prayed for our homeschool year, for my boy’s first day at school, my husband’s work day, my energy level, my kids’ hearts and hurts and desires…

For these reasons—-and more than I know—-you delighted to intercede for me.

How wonderful are you, my Jesus. “Beyond all I can ask or imagine.”

Why would I ever doubt Your love?

Help me to walk in this glorious hope. Help me to overflow your love to my family and friends. Help me to be a shining light to the hurting and an example of Your faithfulness to the needy.

And thanks for praying my prayers–and much better ones–for me already.

How can I pray for you today? 

God bless and keep loving like there’s no tomorrow!




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