Bible Memory! Five Games to Beat Boredom and a Secret Weapon that WORKS

Going  over memory verses can get a little boring—escpecially for our wee ones with tiny attention spans.

Secret Weapon that REALLY Helps

One almost magical trick I’ve learned is so simple! If they understand what they are memorizing and, even better, make connections to it memorizing comes naturally. For example, today we’re memorizing, “Look at the birds of the air. They neither sow nor reap…” Rather than just having them memorize these random words (sow and reap) which they don’t really grasp, we took a moment to explain what those words mean AND act them out. This anchors the ideas in their minds, so the memory work comes SO MUCH EASIER! I really encourage you to try this!

Now here are a few games our crew whipped up to make it more fun.

These work GREAT with individual verses put on cards. After every turn, we all say the verse together for extra reinforcement.

1. Charades—I act out the verse and have them guess and recite it. If you have time, you can let the kids act them out, but that often takes FOREVER! They have just as much fun watching their silly mama.

2. Pictionary—I draw pictures on the white board to get them to guess. If you know me, you know how ridiculous this is. I’m a terrible drawer, but that only makes it more fun. Again, you can let the kids draw, but that way takes a lot longer.

3. Mix and Match—I write the first word (or words) of the verse on the board. When I point to it, the first one who raises his/her hand tells me the verse. An added twist—I also write the verse’s “address” (Romans 5:11, Psalm 51:10 etc.) in random order. After they say the verse they get a chance to draw a line from the verse to the address. (We split into two teams and give points, but it’s fun without teams, too.)

4. Puffy Toss—I write the first word (or a few words) of each verse on 3×5 cards. Then I lay them out upside-down on the floor. The kids take turns tossing Puffy, my puffin beanie baby. Wherever Puffy lands is the verse they quote. The LOVE this one!

5. Pick a Card—Using the same cards from Puffy Toss, I simply fan them out like a hand of cards and have them pick which one they have to say.

That’s it so far. I’ll let you know if we come up with more.

Bonus! Here’s a link to some fun Scripture cards we’ve been using. ABC Bible Memory Cards.

How do you help your kids remember their verses?

Have a great day, you awesome mommies!

And remember, He loves you like there’s no tomorrow!


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