Birthday Love


My Facebook post from yesterday (my birthday): “Wow do I feel loved! Thank you for all the birthday wishes.” If you’re on Facebook, you know what I mean. I got over a hundred birthday wishes–a hundred! Those little notes may seem unimportant, but not to me. I felt showered in love, love, love.

Another thing is making me feel loved lately. My new book, Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska, is launching on January 1. My co-author Tricia and I have an AMAZING launch team. It’s a big group of talented folks who are giving their time and remarkable talents just to help our book have a stellar launch. Their support and kindness humble me–and, again, fill my love cup. Here’s just one of the awesome things they’ve made.


It’s overwhelming–all this love. And then there’s the sweetest of all. My little six-year-old Abigail LONGED to go to the Dollar Store to buy me a present (that’s how we roll), but it didn’t work out. My husband and I encouraged her to make me something. After some pretty impressive melodramatic weeping, she scurried away. Later, during the opening of gifts, she handed me a wrapped present. Her face held a huge, excited grin. Here’s what I opened.

A yellow, Playdoh, heart. Made by my girl. What’s better than that?

As I reveled in this love like a cat in sunlight, soaking it in, I was reminded of an even better love. The love of my heavenly Father. My whole life I struggle to believe He really loves me. Daily I must remind myself–nothing can separate me from His love, I’m the apple of His eye, He guides me like a lamb… There’s even more love flowing from heaven than all I’ve been experiencing. And it’s not just for birthdays, but every day.

God bless you, friends, and remember to keep loving your kids like there’s no tomorrow.





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