“My Heart is Ever at Your Service”


My heart is ever at your service. William Shakespeare

Hi awesome mommies,

As a romance writer I love that quote from the bard. Can’t you just see the handsome, muscular hero pledging his deep love to the heroine?

But the more I think about it, the more layers I see for me as a mom. In the little recesses of each day, my heart is at my kids’ service.

Yesterday the girls and I went for a walk to Bartell’s Drug Store then on to the lake. Along the way my sweet Abigail tripped over her purple and pink flippy floppies. Skinned her knee. My heart was at her service and moved me to hug, kiss, and apply a Dora bandaid.

My oldest trekked off to scout camp this week. A part of my heart is with him. I miss his jokes, his help, his leadership. And my heart cries out to the Lord for his safety–physical and emotional, spiritual. Always really, even when he’s not so far away.

The day my older son left, tears welled up in my tough little guy’s eyes. He feels like he’s not special. “Why do others get to do stuff but I don’t?” “Why don’t you let me go to scout camp?” It’s so heartfelt, not whiny jealousy, but a fear that he’s not important. Oh, my boy, I love, love, love you with all my heart. I wish I could take my heart out and show him just how much love for him overflows from it.

And my older girl struggles with body image. Just like me. It breaks my heart when she says her face is ugly. I want to hold her beautiful heart in my hand and press all my love in and around it. You’re beautiful, beautiful, beautiful–inside and out.

My heart is at my kids’ service.

But there’s an even deeper layer here for me. You know, my heart stopped a year or so ago when the sudden cardiac arrest almost stole me from my dear ones. Yet, the Lord allowed me to enjoy these days with my kids.

So now my heart rejoices–always at His service–most of all.

God bless you, and keep loving your kids like there’s no tomorrow.


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