5 Ways I Boosted my Energy Level

Hi awesome mommies!

Many of you know I’ve been struggling with a low energy level since my cardiac arrest. There may be several reasons for this, some physical, some emotional (to be a little raw here). Lately I’ve been doing so. much. better. Holy cow! To be honest I’m scared that it will drop again (I’ve had boosts in the past only to have them bottom out), but the actions that helped me are good reminders for all of us, so let me share what I did.

1. Vitamins

I started taking a woman’s multiple every day.

2. High-Protein Diet

This seems to be the biggest physical help. Here’s some more raw honesty: We’ve been getting our food at the food bank for the last three years. My husband was out of work…(It’s so¬†embarrassing, but it shouldn’t be, right?) As grateful as I am for their help, the food tends to be heavy on the empty carbs. We got into the habit of filling up on pasta and white rice for dinner and muffins or bagels for breakfast.

Lately I greatly reduced the empty carbs and replaced them with protein. This was just my own little experiment to see if it would help my low-energy level. Where I used to eat a bowl of noodles with butter for lunch, now I’ll have two scrambled eggs with a little cheese and some fruit. Where I used to have a helping of rice and chicken casserole (heavy on the rice) for dinner, I’ll just have barbecued chicken and a small serving of rice (about a third of what I used to have).

My little plan worked! I feel so much better.

3. Water

I drink a special water called Kangen Water. I love it so much. It really has changed my life in many ways. But I had stopped drinking as much as I should. I went from eighty or more ounces/day to twenty. Bah! What was I thinking? Boosting my water intake really helps me think more clearly and just feel healthier.

4. Emotional Health

As I slumped into my bed for a long nap every afternoon, I began to feel depressed. Finally, I realized something emotional was holding me back from accomplishing my goals and dreams. I began to journal about it (such a great way to get “in touch” with your emotions–even if you’re not a writer), and figured out the problem. It was deeper and stickier than I realized, so I went to a counselor. Just one session, sorting through my mess, really helped. I truly believe this helped me get my energy back.

5. Prayer

I had been crying out to God, “Please, please, give me energy to make it through this day.” I think I prayed that every single day for months. I know God heard those prayers of mine (I am His beloved child after all), but it occured to me to try a different prayer (maybe He guided me to this?). I prayed, “Lord, heal whatever’s making me not have energy.”

This was actually the first thing I did, and soon after, the other pieces (that I just mentioned) fell into place. It wasn’t a miraculous healing, but by His kind and loving guidance, I found these steps, and I feel better.

I’m still taking it a day at a time. My energy could plunge again, but in it all, I know God’s leading me. And for now, I’m immensely grateful for the energy to live and enjoy life.

God bless and keep loving your kids like there’s no tomorrow.


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