When God Seems Far Away


Give ear to my prayer, O God, and hide not yourself from my plea for mercy! Attend to me, and answer me; I am restless in my complaint and I moan. Ps. 55:1-2
Even though I know God is faithful, and I know he’s loved me through the hills and valleys so far, and I know he’s blessing me in many ways right at this moment.
Even though …
Sometimes my heart still beats restlessly. I complain and moan. Like King David in this song, my emotions span from trusting my God, to questioning, to anger, and back to trust.
The comfort I find in this Psalm is that God’s Word doesn’t always provide a simplistic path back to peace. Sometimes the sacred text simply shows me that other believers–even David–rode torrential waves of emotions too. This journey encompasses both highs and lows. Sometimes it feels like Jesus is “hiding from my plea for mercy” other times I feel wrapped in a bubble of his delight.
But God isn’t only with me during those joyous times when my faith is strong. My heartache seasons–even when I sway away from trusting–don’t push my shepherd away. He comes after me, gently stays with me. Sometimes I don’t see him. But he’s there, because his love for me never ends.
Like David at the end of Psalm 55, I can say, “But I will trust in you.” Yes, I can trust his love for me–even when the warm, faith-filled feelings seem far away. 
Here’s a song that lifts me when I’m in those dark moments.
Josh wilson
Remember, he loves you like there’s no tomorrow.


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